Week 3 assignment | Accounting homework help

For this Assignment, review the information in the scenario posted in the entry titled Week 3 Assignment located in the Doc Sharing link. You will utilize the information in this week’s Resources and media to make a recommendation in regard to a capital expenditure. There is also an Excel template provided in the same entry that you may find helpful in completing this Assignment.  
The Assignment:

Part 1: Prepare a      spreadsheet using Excel or a similar program in which you compute the      following for each proposed location.

Accounting rate of       return on investment
Net present value
Internal rate of       return

Note: Be sure to view the media for this week before starting this Assignment. 

Part 2: Utilizing Word or another word processing software program, prepare a written report for the Board of Directors. The intended audience is clear from the salutation and the language used throughout the report.

Include a detailed and thorough explanation of the conclusion you reached regarding the feasibility of each proposal supported by the calculations prepared in Part 1.
Explain at least five non-financial items (e.g., culture, language, etc.), which may impact the perceived desirability of each location.
Select the one location you recommend the Board invest in. Explain your rationale in precise