Traffic laws cost to society?

Topic: Traffic laws (cost to society? Annual death rates? Laws strong enough?)
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Research and write a problem solving report:*Traffic laws (cost to society? Annual death rates? Laws strong enough?)
Paper:Research and investigate your issue in order to cover the following sections.
Required Sections1- Abstract2- Introduction ( include research question)3- Explain the problem and provide any background information needed globally4- Compare and contrast the laws and policies relating to this issue in United Arab Emirates and Australia.5- Analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of each governments laws and policies in tackling this issue.6- Conclusion with recommendation/proposal7- Glossary8- Annotated bibliography.
Written Requirements:1- Word limit 1500. The abstract , in text references and bibliography are not included2- Use at least five sources of reference including on book, one professional journal, the internet and at least five primary and secondary sources. At least two must be annotated.3- Use in-text referencing.4- Present the referencing in APA systems5- Proof read drafts carefully before submission.