The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Chapter1?7

Paper details:I attached the online book.Please answer all the question!QUESTIONSPreface1. Anne Fadiman found herself asking two key questions as she wrote and revised this book. What is a gooddoctor? And, What is a good parent? Give an answer, based on some of the issues being explored in this book.Ch. 11. What are some of the spiritual beliefs of the Hmon??????g that relate to health and how does that differ fromwestern medical ideas?Ch. 21. Explain what the professor of French meant when he said, “Fish Soup. That’s the essence of the Hmong.”Chapter 31. There are different explanations for Lia’s condition. What are they?Chapter 41. What are some things Hmong refugees feared before coming to the U.S.? Why?Chapter 51. How did the doctors who took care of Lia feel about the Lees and their failure to comply with medical directives?Chapter 61. Why is cross?cultural medicine so hard to practice? What are some of the cultural mistakes doctors can make,particularly with Hmong?Chapter 71. Should courts compel parents to adhere to medical decisions or should courts respect their religious, personal,and cultural beliefs?