status report – fmri: use in early alzheimer’s disease

DescriptionMS in Radiologic and Imaging SciencesCAPSTONE PROJECT 2017The capstone project is an opportunity for you to demonstrate an analytical approach to an issue in a format that supports the synthesis, transfer and utilization of knowledge. It is designed to put to use the knowledge and skills you have gained within the radiologic sciences field in a specific practice area of your own choice. A capstone project is not necessarily intended to test new models, develop new theory, or test hypotheses. Depending upon your area of interest, the capstone project might include the evaluation of a clinical practice or intervention, an analysis of a health care policy, an in-depth case study, a gap analysis, a comprehensive systematic review for determination of best practice, or the development of a strategic plan for the delivery of healthcare. For the purposes of this course, you will be performing a SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEW.OBJECTIVES OF CAPSTONE PROJECT Integrate knowledge acquired in your field of interest to the completion of the capstone project Demonstrate analytical proficiency and critical thinking skills Conduct thorough research and utilize data collected in the formulation of a project Incorporate an understanding of others? ideas or values from literature and collected data, and broaden their approach to problem solving Communicate effectively in written documents and oral presentations PROCESS Select a topic for your capstone project. This will necessitate brief research into the topic to determine the current state of the problem and whether there is any relevance to your research.Status Report.Write a 2-page status report on your ideas for a research topic and your plan for moving forward. References, if included, must be in APA Style, 6th edition.TOPIC fmri: use in early alzheimer’s disease