self asses 7

Self Assessment
Gender and Sexism
1.      Other than biological differences, do you think that there are differences between men and women that may be true across cultures? (Consider areas such as cognitive style or abilities, sexuality, expression of feelings, aggressiveness, nurturing behaviors, communication style, etc.).  Discuss your thoughts on this topic. If you believe there are differences, what makes you think they exist?
2.      Thinking about your own ethnic/racial group, are there particular behaviors, ways of thinking, or personality characteristics that you believe characterize women? Men? What values about gender roles are prevalent in your culture? In your family? What are your values about gender roles and how are they consistent/inconsistent with those in your culture? In your family?
3.      Do you find yourself making statements such as “men are…” or “women are…”? What are some of the things that you might typically say? (even when joking around). Where do your beliefs, images, jokes come from?
4.      What does the word “sexism” mean to you? What images come to mind when you think of a sexist? Do you see examples of sexism in your daily life (experienced or observed)? How do you react? What feelings do you have? Can you think of examples of sexism in your own thoughts and behaviors? Describe what comes to mind and provide specific details.
5.      How would you define “feminism”? Do you consider yourself a feminist? Why or why not? Do you have many close friends of family members who consider themselves feminist? What does feminism mean to you? In your racial/ethnic group?
6.      How do you feel about doing therapy with________? (see list below). What issues might be raised for you? What intercultural dynamics might exist? How might your gender role identity and values related to gender impact the therapeutic relationship?
a.      A woman of your own racial/ethnic group
b.      A woman of a racial/ethnic group different from your own
c.       A man of your own racial/ethnic group
d.     A man of a racial/ethnic group different from your own