psy homework

I am looking for someone that can do 5 weeks of work in clinical psychology. Paying 20 to 40 dollars a week (depnding on the work that week. After this class I will have 7 more classes and would like to find one person that can help with all of them.
I have a few questions for you
1. are you in the US
2. do you have experience in psychology
3. what time zone are you in
4. you do know what DQ questions are and how that works?
I will need worksheets, team work parts, papers, interview with 2 psychologists in the field (with contact information), and 8 DQs (per week) and  power point in one week. I am concerned over the interviews in week 4
This week is only a paper and 8 DQs paying 20.00. I will not change my payment amount. If you can do it for that great if not let me know and I will find someone that can. Hate to be like this but I have been taken on here a few times and have not found someone I can work with that is trusting.
You do know APA format and peer-reviewed publications? Grammar is a big thing with him and you know to never start a sentence with the word “this”
Sorry for all the questions but I have found people on here cannot write well