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PowerPoint_2G_Orientation #PowerPoint_2G_Orientation
Project Description:
In the following project, you will format a presentation that is  shown to Sensation Park Entertainment Group employees on their first day  of a three-day orientation.
Open   the file Student_PowerPoint_2G_Orientation.pptx downloaded with this project.  
On Slide 1, format the subtitle—New Employee Orientation—as WordArt   using the last style in the first row.
Select the picture and then Crop   the image from the left side so  that the center-left crop handle aligns with   the left half of the  horizontal ruler at 5 inches. 
Change the picture Height to 3.5   and then apply a Glow: 8 point;  Turquoise, Accent color 1 picture effect to   the image. Use the Align  Selected Objects command to apply Align Middle to   the title and the  picture.
On Slide 2, remove the bullet   symbol from the paragraph, and then  change the Shape Fill to, under Theme   Colors, in the third column, the  second color, and the Shape Outline to under   Theme Colors, in the  second column, the first color.
On Slide 3, convert the bulleted   list to the Hierarchy type  SmartArt graphic—Hierarchy List. Change the color   to Colorful Range –  Accent Colors 3 to 4, and then apply the 3-D Inset style.
On Slide 4, change the two   bulleted lists to Numbering.
On Slide 5, change the bullet   symbols to Filled Square Bullets,  change the Color to under Theme Colors, in   the third column, the  fourth color, and then change the Size to 100.
On Slide 5, in the placeholder   on the right, insert an online picture by searching for fire alarm and then insert a picture of a   fire alarm with a background.   Note—alternatively, insert the image p02G_Alarm.jpg   downloaded with the data files for this project.
If the option is available,   remove the background from the picture,  and then apply the Glow: 18 point,   Bright Green, Accent color 3  picture effect.
On Slide 5, insert a Text Box   below the content placeholder on the left side of the slide. In the text box,   type All   employees will be tested on park safety procedures! Using the Align to Slide option   Align Center the text box and apply Align Bottom.
On Slide 6, from the Shapes   gallery, under Basic Shapes, insert a  Diamond of any size anywhere on the   slide. Resize the diamond so that  its Shape Height is 6 and its Shape Width   is 8. 
Using the Align to Slide option,   apply Align Center, and Align  Middle to the diamond shape. Apply the Moderate   Effect – Bright Green,  Accent 3 shape style.
In the diamond, type Sensation   Park Entertainment Group Welcomes You!  Change the Font Size to 28, and then apply the   Round Convex Bevel  effect to the diamond shape. Note—this effect may be   called Art Deco  on some systems.
Insert a Header & Footer on   the Notes and Handouts. Include the  Date and time updated automatically, the   Page number, and a Footer  with the text 2G_Orientation 
Display the document properties.   As the Tags type orientation.
Save and close the file, and   then submit for grading.