lack of social interaction of special needs students

ased on your initial understanding of qualitative research, post a description of the topic you chose in terms of how it could be conceptualized as a qualitative study. Include:

My study will be on elementary students with significant cognitive disabilities in self-contained classrooms with less than 40% of interaction with the general education population, lack of appropriate social skills when they are with their atypical peers. I am a self-contained teacher and many of the students do not have appropriate social skills and do not have a good example in the classroom and struggle when placed in social situations where many behavior problems seem to be present, due to lack of social exposure. The students could be further along socially if they had appropriate social interaction, which could reduce meltowns, tantrums and increase more positive interactions.

What is the phenomenon of interest?
What experiences or contextual issues might influence how this phenomenon could be studied?

In what setting(s) could a topic like this be explored?

What connection do you have to this topic, and why do you think it is important to explore this as a qualitative study?

What possibilities could the results of this research have for social change?