Hadoop Developer Exprt

Writer who SHOULD already know how to use Apache Hadoop Software , especially the Apache Hadoop languages codes for configuration :
Pig , Hive , Mapreduse YARN & Java
Usually the call them self ” Hadoop Developer “
To do a Simulation “Experimental Study” with Hadoop & Big Data
AbstractPrevious Studies (Literature Review) Research Goals/Objectives Research Question 1. MAIN a) SUBb) SUBResearch Question 2. MAINa) SUBb) SUBResearch HypothesesHypothesis 1) Hypothesis 2) Research Methodology and MethodsConclusionReferences Baum, S., Kendall, E., Muenchberger, H., Gudes, O., & Yigitcanlar, T. (2010). Professional practice and innovation: Geographical information systems: An effective planning and decision-making platform for community health coalitions in Australia. Health Information Management Journa, 39(3), 28-33.Blumenthal, D. (2009, April 9). Stimulating the adoption of health information technology. The New England Journal of Medicine, 360(15), 1477-1479.