Gun Control Legislative Action: Brady Bill

Requirements:1. The paper should center around issues, events, or law pertaining to at least one branch of the federal government (Legislative, Executive, or Judicial).
Example 1: Topic: Gun Control Legislative Action: Brady BillJudicial Action: Ruled Brady Billunconstitutional
Example 2 : Topic: Abortion Judicial Action: Roe v. WadeLegislative Action: Limit Federal MoneyFor Abortions
Example 3: Topic: Segregation Judicial Action: Brown v. Board Of Ed.Executive Action: Presidential FederalizationOf National Guard
Example 4: Topic: Watergate Executive Action: Refusing To Turn OverTapesJudicial Action: Ordering President To TurnOver TapesLegislative Action: Considering Impeachment
2. Research: A minimum of three sources separate from the course texts should beidentified in a bibliography. The paper will be graded based on the amountof information presented and its relevancy to the branches of the federalgovernment. Acceptable sources include books, periodicals, newspaperarticles, and internet sources. All sources must be listed in the bibliography.3. Length: The Paper Should Be 3 Double Spaced Pages Of Text.
4. Possible Topics (students can select a topic not listed here)-Impeachment -Social Security -Welfare -The Vietnam War-The New Deal -Euthanasia -Terrorism -The Iraq War-Stem Cell Research -Campaign Finance -Tobacco -Drug Laws-Voting Rights -Rights Of The Accused -Political Parties-Presidential Administrations -Supreme Court Justices -McCarthyism-U.S. Missile Defense Systems -Gun Regulation -Affirmative Action-Immigration -The War On Terrorism -Abortion-Offshore Oil Drilling -Global Warming – The Afghanistan War -Health Care