Enzyme charges at trnamolecule with appropriate amino acid

1. Ribozymes in the large ribosomal subunitcatalyze peptidyl transferase activity during elongation. What isthe immediate result?
A. The elongation factor EF-Tu isrecycled.B. The tRNA in the p site fallsoff the ribosome.C. A new charged tRNA moves intothe A site.D. The bond broken between thetRNA at the P site and its amino acid, and a peptide bond is formedbetween this amino acid and the one attached to the tRNA in the Asite.E. The ribosome shifts byone codon toward the 3’ end of the mRNA.
2. A peptide bond forms between the _____ ofone amino acid and the __________ of another.
A. Amino group, carboxyl groupB. Amino group, R groupC. C. R group, R groupD. Carboxyl group, sulfidegroupE. Amino group, phosphophategroup.
3. An alpha helix and a beta-pleated sheet aretypes of
A. protein secondary structureB. tRNA secondary structure.C. Protein primary structureD. Protein primary structure.E. protein quaternary structure.
4. In eukaryotes, the AUG initiation codon is located in the___________sequence.
A. Shine-DalgarnoB. KozakC. KhoranaD. Goldberg—HognessE. Pribnow
5. Which enzyme charges at tRNAmolecule with the appropriate amino acid?
A. RNA polymeraseB. DNA polymeraseC. tRNA ligaseD. Peptidelyl transferaseE. Aminoacyl-tRNAsynthetase