Electronic Health Record Implementation

DescriptionOverviewThis assessment requires you address EHR implementation strategies for health organizations and describe how EHRs improve patient safety. You will consider your own facility’s implementation of its electronic health record, if you have one. If not, you should contact a large health system in your area and talk to their IT department, or you may select one of your clinical sites and contact that IT department. Answer the following questions:? State the EHR mandate. Who started it? When?? What are the goals of the mandate?? Describe your facility’s plan. If you have already implemented a system, what steps were taken? Make sure you use the HealthIT.gov website?be clear!? Describe “meaningful use”.ObjectivesThis assessment is aligned with the course objective 7 and the following module objective:? Students will explain role of information technology in improving patient outcomes and creating a safe care environment.? Discuss EHR implementation strategies for health organizations.? Describe how EHRs improve patient safety.? Apply the concepts of data security and patient confidentiality/privacy to the use of electronic health records in the student’s own workplace.Point Value: 40InstructionsTo be successful, complete the following steps in order:STEP 1. Review the instructional materials and finish learning activities in module 5STEP 2. Click here to download the rubric. Click here to download detailed instructions.STEP 3. Create a new Word document, write your paper based on the above overview, objectives, and detailed instructions. ?Assignment should include a minimum of 3 professional references. One reference may be your text book. One must be a refereed journal article, and the other may come from a professional website (.gov, .edu and some .org websites- Wikipedia is not a professional reference). All journal articles must be no older than five years.STEP 4. Refer to APA book and rubric for correctly formatting the paper.STEP 5. Word limit 600 minimum excluding title and reference pages.*** The facility I chose is Beaumont Hospital-Oakwood Campus in Dearborn, MI