EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIPASSESSMENT TASK 2: Position Paper Write your position paper (Assessment Task 2B). Format Essay Weighting 60% Word count 2500 words plus Task: Choose a leadership challenge/issue (My CHOOSEN ISSUE IS WORK OVERLOAD which can affect patient quality of care) relevant to a nominated work context. Take a position in relation to a leadership challenge/issue relevant to this work context. Supported by the literature you have engaged with, write a position paper in relation to the leadership challenge/issue and how you would go about addressing it. Purpose: The purpose of this task is for you to take a position in relation to a leadership challenge/issue relevant to a nominated work context.
Your position statement/paper, must include:
1. A description of the context and nature of the challenge/issue 2. A critical overview of relevant literature pertaining to the challenge/issue 3. A description, methodology and rationale of how you would approach addressing the challenge/issue 4. A conclusion describing the anticipated outcomes of your approach 5. A reference list of at least 10 references (additional to the references used in Assessment Task 1) that support the approach and rationale in APA format.
We are looking for a scholarly and innovative approach in this assessment task which means you will need to provide a robust rationale for approach that is appropriately theorised and referenced. You are expected to engage higher order thinking as you deveop and construct your position paper. (Nonrefereed, books, journals or Webpages are not acceptable references (e.g. Wikipedia).
A position paper is an academic style of writing can be either report or essay that presents and opinion/attitude on a particular issue using arguments and evidence to generate support for the writer’s view of a particular matter. It is based on facts that provide a solid foundation.Position Papers can follow a generic outline as follows:1. Introduction* the topic is introduced* background information is provided* assertion of particular stand point on the issue2. Counter argument* Summary of counter claims* give evidence for argument3. First argument to support writer’s position* Give informed opinion* provide evidence or support for claim using reliable sources4. Second Argument5. Third argument6. Conclusion* Summary of arguments or reasons* Restate stand point* Provide a solution or plan of action