Drugs and Society

Drugs and Society – EssaysPrompt

First Exam

Some drug-abuse professionals contend that the distinction between physical dependence and psychological dependence perpetuates the idea that the latter is less serious of a concern than the former. Explain their point of view, in the context of treating substance abuse and substance dependence. pp.19-21
“The nineteenth-century was a drug addict’s paradise,” a historian has said. Briefly discuss the status of psychoactive drugs in that period in light of this statement. pp.41-42


Contrast the harm-reduction approach and the zero-tolerance approach toward drug abuse. Give one example of each approach with respect to the use of a particular illicit drug. p.60

Given the research on risk factors and protective factors with regard to one’s involvement with drugs, describe a hypothetical young person who is highly vulnerable to drug-taking behavior and another hypothetical young person who is highly invulnerable to drug-taking behavior. pp.78-81
Explain why it is possible for methamphetamine to be available in small towns and rural areas of the United States, in contrast to the usual demographic pattern in which drug abuse is concentrated in the large cities. pp.103-105



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