Descriptive Paper about my Father

Name:Course:Tutor:Date:Descriptive Paper about my FatherQue Vuong was born in 19xx and passed away in 1995 at the age of 45 years. He died of cancer after a brief stay in the hospital. Que served as a captain for a cargo ship for around 20 years. Despite the demanding professional life, Que had plenty of time for his family and each person enjoyed being close to Que Vuong. I am the second child of the late Que Vuong, and as a father he had great influence in my life when he was alive and still continues to influence my life today. Therefore, he is one person I look up to as I try to navigate through this challenging world. The personality of Que Voung shaped my earlier life as well as my current life as I work towards developing an all-round personality that would make him proud if he resurrected today.As a child, I observed my father taking my siblings to school because he believed that education guaranteed a brighter future for every person who finished school successfully. Therefore, I have expected the day he would hold my hands and take me to a school that, he believed, would not only offer me education but also shape my life as a young, morally responsible person. Other than school, my father valued good behavior and encouraged each person to behave well and avoid punishments. However, he used to protect me from my ‘bullish’ mother who never entertained misbehavior among her children. Instead of allowing my mother to physically punish or reprimand me, my father would step in and take care of the situation. As a result, he would offer advice against bad behaviors and encourage me to become a nice person. No person had ever inspired and encouraged me as my father did when he was alive. He challenged me to become better than other students in school, and this inspired me to work hard and gain admission to college. Today, I am looking forward to finishing school and getting a good job that will make my life better and enable me to pursue further education.After having busy weekdays, my father would spend time with his family during Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturdays, he would wake up early and prepare breakfast for the family before taking them out for a picnic. Similarly, he would wake up the whole family to attend church and later have a nice lunch before discussing the sermons of the day. He would encourage us to observe the teachings because they enabled people to develop into wonderful persons with little or no problems in life. In general, my father ignored what other fathers regarded as the traditional roles of women by ensuring that he showed them love and gave his family all the essential needs that they needed for a comfortable life. My father taught me the most significant lesson in life – how to be a man. He stressed on trustworthiness, selflessness, honesty, humility, and integrity as the three ingredients of a successful life. Today, I do not lie to other people, maintain high standards of integrity at school, and treat others with humility.Therefore, eighteen years after my father passed away, I have strived to remain true to his teachings and develop into a young successful man. For instance, I have grown up knowing that it is only through education that I will have a good life and help my family and other people in the society. Today, I am pursuing my college education and also planning to get high grades that will enable me to further my education to higher levels. On the other hand, my social life still remains intact because I still attend Sunday church services. This allows me to stick to acceptable moral behaviors and values and to avoid inappropriate activities such as engaging in drugs and alcohol. In aIDition, my father influenced my life by enabling me to be sociable and always look after other people.When reflecting on my life, the little time I spent with my father has had a significant impact on my development. As a hero and role model, my father continues to have a positive influence in my life. He continues to stand by my side to encourage and challenge me to stand when I fall and to have a positive influence on other people in the society. At this point, I am thankful for everything daIDy taught me. I have become what I am because of my father and I will credit and dedicate everything that I achieve in life to my father. I believe my father continues to be with me, and it is my duty to pass the noble teachings and positive influence to my future children.