Deduce the inheritance of the phenotypes

The normal eye color of Drosophila is red, but strains in which all flies have brown eyes are available. Similarly, wings are normally long, but there are strains with short wings. A female from a pure line with brown eyes and short wings is crosssed with a male from a normal pure line. The F1 consists of normal females and short-winged males. An F2 is then produced by intercrossing the F1. Both sexes of F2 flies show phenotypes as follows:
3/8 red eyes, long wings
3/8 red eyes, short wings
1/8 brown eyes, long wings
1/8 brown eyes, short wings
Deduce the inheritance of these phenotypes; use clearly defined genetic symbols of your own invention. State the genotypes of all 3 generations and the genotypic proportions of the F1 and F2.