Case Study (?Peta?)

Overview of requirements for Case Study
2000 words(excluding end reference list)
Task: Using relevant and up to date research, write a case report on the specific client (?Peta?). In the case report, following a succinct description of the client?s case to orient the readers, you will be required to answer the following questions:1. What is your case formulation?Compare TWO possible psychological interventions you could use with this client.2. Which of these intervention(s) would you choose to use with this client? Why? Argue for and justify your choice.3. Briefly describe the structure of this intervention.4. What are the ethical considerations in using this intervention?5. What outcomes would you expect from using this intervention with this client and how would you evaluate these outcomes?Please use the subheadings listed on the next page to structure your report.Assessment of this assignment is based on:? Presentation and integration of relevant research, case information and theory.? Informed use of relevant information in making choices for an assessment of the presenting problems, an intervention plan, and a plan for evaluating treatment effectiveness.? Demonstrated knowledge, appraisal and understanding of the interventions discussed.? Clarity, logic and accuracy of written expression? APA referencing conventions must be used throughout.Please see the marking guide handout for specific details.(Attached file)?