Case Study – Organization Redesign

Case Study – Organization Redesign – EssaysPrompt

Read ”Dr. Gayle Brings Collaboration to CARE” at the beginning of Chapter 4 of your textbook.
Read at least two scholarly articles that address organizational redesign generally, or at CARE specifically.
Write a paper of approximately 750 words that answers the following questions:

What role will differentiation and integration play in the organizational redesign for CARE?
What teams would you recommend creating to facilitate the success of this redesign? Describe them in terms of their functions, communication and/or collaboration with other teams, and accountability to other teams.
What changes in decision-making rights do you recommend to facilitate this redesign, and why? What challenges will this change pose for the organization?
Describe at least one specific job redesign you recommend to facilitate the organizational redesign. What job dimensions (see Exhibit 4-5 of your textbook) are affected by this job redesign, and how does it benefit the larger change effort?
What evidence of good or poor employee commitment exists currently in the organization? Describe one specific action that management can take to ensure employee commitment to the change effort.


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