Case Presentation (Case Study – Should We Fire Him for That Post?)

Case Presentation
After analyzing the case, acting as consultants, will present their recommendation about how the respective ‘case problem’ can be resolved to the rest of the class who will take the role of the client. Given the aim of the presentation the presenting person should be dressed in business dress and should present their recommendations in a professional manner as they would to a corporate audience/client, i.e. not as students.
This activity builds students’ ability to identify, analyse and understand organizational problems/management challenges. The presented recommendation should draw explicitly on the theory covered in the unit up to the date of the respective presentation. Working with others is a key part of all professional careers so this provides an opportunity to work effectively with peers. Moreover, performance evaluation is often related to how a group as a whole performs. For this reason it is essential that group members work effectively, that the workload is shared equitably and that individual differences are resolved in a collegial fashion. In the event that concerns are raised about a lack of input from individual group members, provided that appropriate evidence is provided then the respective group member will be marked according to their documented individual input alone.

Each case presentation should have the following structure:
Overview of situation and context (brief – based on the assumption that the class/client are fully aware of what has transpired thus far)
Identification of problem/s
Recommendations (should also include implementation of recommendation, e.g. timeline, short and long-term planning, personnel involved etc.)
Risks and Contingencies associated with recommendations
Case presentations should be a maximum of 30 minutes followed by 20 minutes Q & A (50 mins total). The presenting group should provide a hard copy of their slides to the unit coordinator/lecturer at the beginning of the respective class.
Students will be provided with feedback on their performance in the case presentation through Blackboard under ‘My Grades’ in order to facilitate further development of learning.
Note that 10% of the presentation will be awarded for the total group performance and 10% will be awarded for demonstrated individual performance i.e. in the presentation and in the Q & A. In order to maximize individual performance students will need to attend all preparation meetings and contribute equitably to case presentation.
It is students’ responsibility to ensure that the workload is distributed equitably among the presenters. Students are required to attend ALL presentations (and not just their own) and participate in the discussions that ensue from the presentations. Students should inform their unit coordinator/lecturer/tutor via email if they are unable to attend a presentation.
Referencing style
The referencing style for this unit is Chicago.
More information can be found on this style from the Library web site: