Case for Critical Analysis

Using the textbook:
Daft, Richard L. & Marcic, Dorothy. (2013).Understanding Management (8th ed.) Mason, OH: South-Western-Cengage Learning.  13-978-1-111-58024-7
Chapter 14
Analyze the Calgary Oil Shale Technologies, Inc. on pages 588-590 and answer the following questions:
1.      Algoma Howard and Carlos Debrito phased in permanent cross-functional teams in Alberta.  What types of teams are the “fireside chats†and “problem-busting teamsâ€?  Through what stage or stages of team development did these groups evolve?
2.      What role did Carlos Debrito play in the success of the Alberta team-based productivity project?  What leadership approach did he employ to help reduce conflict between labor and professionals?  Do you agree with Algoma Howard that if she just had a Carlos Debrito in Colorado, the project would succeed?  Explain your answer.
3.      What advice would you give Algoma Howard and her team for improving the employee-involvement climate, containing costs, and meeting production goals at the Colorado facility?