Case Briefs

Please follow the information and directions in the attached document (student briefs)
Case briefs should be no more than one page (single spaced)..
briefing the Hulsmeyer case (Supreme Court of Ohio) that I attched it as a pdf file.
Remember a case brief requires that you only view one case. You are only reviewing that case and what the court’s/judges’ opinion/decision states and concludes. Do not bring in other cases or other articles (it must be your own work taken from only the case itself). The purpose is for you to see that you can read the case yourself and not simply rely on news reports (which are not always totally correct) to determine what a court opinion/decision means. To do this you need to read the actual decision/opinion.
Textbook: Problems in Health Care Law: Challenges for the 21st Century (10th edition, 2014) by John E. Steiner (Jones & Bartlett Learning, publisher). Please ensure that you have the correct year