Borderline Personality Disorder

The information must be in format of a 3 sided pamplet/brochure- Topic should be thoroughly researched using DSM-V text books 4 and 5, textbooks, journals etc. sources must be cited and referenced. no wikipedia1.Brief narrative; Describe disorder with an overview; what are some common facts:Does it affect children or adults or both? Indicate causes (ie. genetics, diet, environment), if any; prevention options(i.e, behavior managements), if any: associated with any other disorders or medical conditions. Are there specific symptoms to look for? Are there multiple types of the disorder to know about?What is the current diagnois? How does one know if she or he has this disorder?2.Current Treatment Options/Methods: Lifestyles changes? counseling therapy (be specifiic) Medications(types used and what they do)?3.Implications for Counselors: What is expected of the professional counselor? ( in sessions and outside of sessions) how often should client with this disorder be seen? What should be the focus of the session?4.Follow Up Requirements: Seek or continue psychiatric, psychological, or medical services? Seek or continue taking medicines, counseling, or lifestyle changes?5.Prognosis/Outcome Expectations: How does one deal with this diagnosis over time? Does one stay in counseling forever?