ANTZ animation 1998

1.    Discuss how the six elements of organizational structure are presented in the movie 
2.    Explain and discuss how the Antz organization is designed under the Leadership of the General? What is the advantage and disadvantage of this organizational design? 
3.    When Zee went to Insectopia, he desired to be part of a Boundaryless organization Discuss the elements of a Boundaryless organization with regards to Insectopia. 
4.    Using Insectopia Organizational structure and the General’s structure at the Antz colony, demonstrate how organizational structures differ by contrasting mechanistic model and organic structure models. 
5.    What has been the behavioural implications of Zee being:      5.1.    Under the structure of the General 
     5.2.    Under the structure of Insectopia 
     5.3.    Under the structure of the new colony